Professional Services

Contract Review

Complimentary Document Services

Title Reports, Legal Descriptions, Deeds and other pertinent files.

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Neutral Real Estate Broker Services

Every divorcing couple is ensured the best possible outcome when untangling the legal, emotional ties to their house.



Comparative Market Analysis (CMA’s)

A comprehensive examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area recently sold for.


Suburban House

Equity Evaluations

The process of determining the fair market value of equity.

Speaking with the Judge

Expert Witness Testimony

Expert witness services and court testimony for real estate.

Billing Rates

  • Listing Agent Commissions, Terms Negotiated Based on Circumstance 


  • Expert Witness Testimony 250.00 an hour

  • Mediation 150.00 an hour / Spanish Translation available at an additional 25.00 an hour