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Experienced in handling the most difficult divorces

Michelle has been involved with family law since 2009. She was a foster parent from 2006-2011. She understands that everyone has ups and downs in life, and a professional can also be a friend. You can count on her to be level headed and calm, even when you might feel the world is closing in on you.


You need an expert with experience, the ability to sell a home smoothly, and someone who respects your privacy. The sooner this part of your life can be closed, the better. You need a mature, calming influence to get you through this, and Michelle has the knowledge and empathy to guide you confidently and with understanding.

Michelle Hernandez



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Michelle Hernandez

Involved in family law since 2009

Sometimes things do not work out the way we had planned.

Marriages can fail to last, and one of life's pleasures can become an emotional challenge to overcome.

Going through a divorce is difficult at best, and devastating at worst.

The last thing a couple needs at this time is a home that can not be sold that seems to drag on and on, preventing closure and healing.

Exceptional customer service, patience & empathy